Lindsey Stirling, Warmer in the Winter

Music video for Lindsey’s Holiday song, Warmer in the Winter. The challenge on this one was to do one continuous shot from set to set while Lindsey and her partner danced through them.
Director: Lindsey Stirling
Production Company: Whitelist

Glam Masters on Lifetime

Check out Glam Masters on Lifetime. Get a first look into the show where the competition to be the best make up artist is fierce. Had the pleasure of working with Art Director Michael Levinson throughout the 8 Episodes of filming as a Local 44 On Set Dresser. Reality TV is always wildly entertaining.  View full episodes.

T.I Sorry Ft. Andre 3000

T.I. Sorry ft Andre 3000 Official Lyric Video
Posting some very old work. One of the first set projects I had worked on. It was only after we finished making the video that I realized set design was my passion and could actually pursue this type of work as a career. Looking back it was more or less an arts & crafts project, cutting out newspaper clippings, tying string around push pins, and printing out crime scene photographs. Creative House: Atlantic Records. Creative Director: Greg Burke, Zach Wolfe. Editor: Alex Kirzhner. 

A Look Behind the Scenes

Sharing this video with everyone. As we go behind the scenes in the making of Melanie's Cry Baby Music Video. Melanie is extremely inspiring to work with, she pushes the envelope of creativity. The more we work together, the more I find myself raising the bar to the next level. Stay tuned for what's in store next. Another one is brewing!